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Rich The Kid`s Life On The line In Hospital After Home Invasion

Rich the Kid Hospitalized
Rich the kid, the famous rich kid raper in Los Angeles is nursing very serious injuries after he was attacked by armed people and held at gunpoint. The robbery took place yesterday during the late hours of 2000 hrs. Rich the kid is hospitalized and is now in a devastating situation since he has not talked or even seen by the press by the time he was taken to hospital until now. There are no suspects that are held in custody or even arrested at the present time.
The famous song "plug Walk " rapper`s health is at risk since we don't know if he has several bullets in him or not. The ailing rich the kid was robbed a considerable amount of cash that he had just arrived within his house before getting confronted by the armed robbers and some precious jewelry worth a life were also taken away by the robbers. People on social media are showing their great concern to a good upcoming artist rich the kid after he had just released his most selling album at the present moment.
We Hope Mr Rich the kid gets well soon. We are happy that he has already posted the situation in his Instagram page showing that he is still in hospital nursing the serious wound that he got from the beating the armed robbers offered. View The Instagram post from rich the kid`s profile for more clarity.
rich the kid instagram hospital

Some of the rich the kid`s fans suggest that he has been robbed by his own friend, but we have nothing to say about that. Let`s wait for the drama entirely when our rich rapper gets up from the hospitalized state.
Rich the kid`s girlfriend was injured and her face is full of bruises and now they are in the same hospital in Los angels 

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