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Jkuat Guy Makes Custom Bugatti Veyron Motorsport From Toyota

I was shocked to see a previous graduated student all over the news that he has made a Bugatti Veyron vehicle from a common Toyota car. The most surprising in for and the view are that the vehicle looks exactly identical to the real deal. The Bugatti company should employ this guy. From the seen photos, he has accomplished making the front back and sides design that resembles the ones from a real Bugatti Veyron. As he was asked the question by the press, the guy by the name Mwangi said:-
This was my dream car ever since i was in highschool and i vowed to ever own my own bugati veyron before i turn 30 years of age. It was till i finished my degree cause and got a job in EABL and was able to find money to buy a used japan local toyota and which i decided to turn it into a cool bugati veyron design. All thanks to my friend who helped me in the exercise. 
Most surprisingly about the custom-made Bugatti Veyron vehicle is that the whole engine had been redesigned to fit the design and the speed is promising. He went further to say that due to the many implementations of great pimp specs into the vehicle, it can go up to 220km/h and that is way better than the normal 180 km/h we are fond of. It's a great talent that needs to be natured and this begins with spreading this post to reach sponsors who can help master Mwangi get the right sponsors so he can turn ideas into lived dreams.

The Custom Made Bugatti Veyron Photos.

Below are the photos that the jkuat former graduated student Bugatti design face look like straight out of the garage.
Custom Made Bugati Veyron

Jkuat Made Bugati

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