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Drake Suspect For Killing XXXTentation Revieled In Am Upset

Drake Suspect For Killing XXXTentation Revieled In Am Upset
Drake has definitely something to do with XXXTentations death on 18th June 2018. It's so clear after releasing a song by Name Am Upset. He even mentions how XXXtentation will die in the lyrics. The song was uploaded on youtube on resent date time about a month and we are not a week gone when XXXTentation was found dead in Miami Florida. The whole drake I'm upset song lyrics tels all about how triple X died. Look at where he mentions X in this song.
I got out on Tour And I Say am Drinking Less ,
 End up getting loose and gettin` pictures from my eX,
SMS triple X,
That the only time i ever SHOT BELOW THE NECK,
Why keep on shooting while you know that NI*** DEAD ?
Thats the only kind of ni*** that gets you some RESPECT.
I want to go deep and explain the whole who killed who situation.
XXXTentation was one of the people really giving negative remarks and posting all over social media about drakes song Gods Plan. The wrong part is when I find a lyrics telling about how someone will die and he does. Let us see the below statements.
  1. SMS TRIPPLE X - That's XXXTentacion he is talking about.
  2. That's the only time I SHOT BELOW THE KNECK. - so now Drake knows that that's the only time he will get to shout someone under the kneck, XXXTentation was shot below the neck. 
  3. That's the only ni*** that gets you some RESPECT - He knew by doing something he can get some due respect that he needs when releasing music.
I am not saying he killed XXXTentacion if you think am just getting to your nerves by telling what I think of, but as per now, I think that's the only evidence that has the best weight as per now.  I'm upset was just uploaded soon and Triple X died after 2weeks in Miami Florida and he was shot below the neck if I was to be asked, that's a lot of evidence right there. From the look of things, i think that XXXTentacion knew he would die and he would be killed by a gun shot as he said few days before his death and all he said was he would be so grateful to leave the youth with empowerment if by any chance he would dye by a gunshot.
What I believe is that X had received threats and the people who killed him had pressured him all over will message of how he would die.  

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