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Fred Matiangi To Record Statement Over Ruaraka Schools 3.3B Land Saga

Fred Matiangi
Mr. Fred Matiangi is not holier than thou. Today Mr. Fred Matiangi is going to face trial over the multi-billion shillings land saga of the Ruaraka School and he is expected to write the statement in the nearest police station. The former atony general Githo Mwigai and Fred Matioangi worked together in the land grabbing saga. The 3.3 billion shillings saga will be back to the integrity house on Monday and are expected to face the court soon. More suspects of the land saga are getting questioned in the line to the 3.3 billion shillings deal from the entrance deal and 26 people also believed to face trial among other land secretary officials among others.

Fred Matiangi In Corruption Saga

The reports on seoclive news tell us that Noordin Haji has already returned the files to the files of the reported saga back to the EACC ( Ethics And Anti Corruption Commision ). The same EACC has given out the whole lot of the number of people who are waiting for prosecution. The commision played out some couple of lists of people that will be dealt with in the country concerning corruption cases and it played out that it has more people who will be waiting for prosecution soon too.
Fred Matiangi is To Make Time to visit the integrity house and also record statements concerning the same land saga issue. He is to be later questioned on the same issue concerning the Ruaraka School land saga just after the NYS prosecution is over.
The land grabbing involves two people, Mr. Fred Matiangi with the director of Public Prosecution (DPP) keen on having him record a statement over the same. The DPP wants Mr. Githu Muigai and Interior Cabinet Secretary Dr. Fred Matiang’i to record their statements Over the Ksh.3.3 billion deal. They will be facing questions over how the land ended up to be theirs.

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