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Huddah Monroe's Photos that lives you speechless.

Huddah Monroe's Photos that lives you speechless.
Huddah Monroe Photos that lives you speechless.

Huddah monroe is a kenyan by birth she is well know in kenya as a socialite she is a beautiful lady and attractive  to many men
She also used to act in the show on TV that was well know as Nairobi diaries.she used to act there but she stoped after some time.

Who is huddah

Huddah Monroe is one of the Kenyan socialites who has a massiveyouth following.
The Kenyan model gained media attention after
she participated in the Big Brother Africa 8 show in South
Africa. Even though she did not emerge the winner, she managed
to gain fame not only among Kenyans but also across the world.
Huddah, together with Vera Sidika , contributed in incorporating thew estern culture into Kenyan youths.

Things you  dont know  about huddah

There are several things many
of us do not know about this celebrity. She appears wealthy, an
impression that makes us think she comes from a rich family, or
employed in a blue chip company; but that’s not the case…
Huddah Monroe’s real name is Alhuda Njoroge . She was born on
October 10, 1991, in Eastleigh, Nairobi, Kenya. She grew up in
Huruma estate in Nairobi. Huddah pursued her education in
various institutions including the Kajiado Hills Girls Academy. Her
biological father is of Somali origin while her mother is Kikuyu.
Huddah lost her father when she was still young and her mother
re-married soon after. Thus, she now has four stepbrothers. Even
though she looks well off, Huddah has a lot to share about her life.
She had a harsh upbringing; one that was full of various domestic
conflicts. This among several other factors, caused her to run
away from home before she was old enough to take care of
Huddah Monroe Photos that lives you speechless.

Before the glow-up,
Socialite and businesswoman Huddah Monroe had a rusty past that she talks about from time to time. Before the expensive
clothes, the perfect face beat, the trips abroad,
lavish trips and a better phone camera to capture
all that; there was a life that led here to where she is
On several occasions, the CEO of Huddah cosmetics
has spoken about how far she has come from in
reference to her current success.
The socialite who just wiped out her Instagram
photos, remaining with only 3 pictures of her
beauty products still attracts a huge following across
the world who include well known celebrities.

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