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Meet The Guy Who Created MPESA And MSHWARI

Mpesa the most used money transfer business and it is recorded the most effective money transfer used all over the world. I know the great question of all time is who exactly made this system and where is he. He is humble and, he is generous enough to make for Safaricom platforms such as Mshwari still working in the market. His name is Chris Gathingu. Every company is fighting to work with him and you will not believe how he has been able to win 37 awards from developing ends. The file of the Mpesa developer is one of a kind. Let's see him in details.

The MPESA Platform Developer.

Dennis Onsongo is one of the people that don't look wealthy but at the moment he is recorded in one of the richest men in Kenya. He developed Mpesa years back and sold the idea to Safaricom. He has also made different systems for well-known companies in Kenya and won so many awards for developing systems that are helping the growth of marketing agencies and companies and without complaints.
The guy wanted to pursue medicine in the University Of Nairobi but unfortunately, all was not well for him and the latter went to JKUAT university where he studied Information Technology. Read through what he said in the standard media interview.
“So I was admitted to JKUAT (Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology) to pursue Bachelor of Science in Computer Technology. It was quite heart-breaking to see that I had missed Medicine. I remember going to the medicine school and putting down my name and saying, ‘If anybody does not come, please call me," By Chris Gathingu.
So that whats the guy was about in school, he made it without the other passion of life carrer to be a doctor. The 34 Years old is also the CEO of his own company Tangazoletu.

How Was Mpesa Made?

Mpesa Creator
Mpesa was made as a paying system for Sacco which could help people get message alerts when they deposit or withdraw money from their sacco accounts so they would have the record they needed for reference in the system. Mr. Chris gained the experience of making the SMS system work which helped many restaurants around town and he named it The Spot Cash Software. He later approached the Safaricom company under CEO Bob Collymore who helped grow his dream and he decided to buy the idea to make the software where people would use USSD to transfer mone and receive as a banking system. Safaricom tried out the system and it was the most secure, fast and effective. After the system was now on Safaricom hands, they named it MPESA as we currently use it today.
Mpesa was latter integrated With other companies software APIs to allow them to relate and work together to obtain mutual benefits. Such integrated Companies include the KCB band USSD and now they added the Mshwari where you can receive the loans.
Where is Chris Gathendu MPESA Developer?
The guy is still working for his company as the CEO and we have news that he is working on something new. This man is one of the people we should recognize in Kenya for the much he has done. He has made work easier to transfer money in any place and that is a great advantage that we should show him our regards for. That's all with the info, catch you on the next one. Peace.

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