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Messi Blamed For Ashaming Argentina Over Losing To Croatia

Messi Blamed For Ashaming Argentina Over Losing To Croatia
Argentina broked everyone's heart, including mine. The whole area is under a surprising moment as people are all over talking all bad things about Messi. We no longer know or trust our beloved top scoring Messi anymore. Poor Messi. The big question is, does Messi have to be the one to take the whole teams to blame. From the football analytics, we are evident that Messi nearly scored three goals but due to Croatia tight defense and lack of talented player support of the Argentina team, he was not able to accomplish what he is best in. We even wonder if the team will make it proceed with the shame they have put upon themselves.
It depends whether they will be going back to the field with Nigeria or not. Only the playing teams know. I can't explain whats up with this year's world cup. Everything is just going helter-skelter and the best moment is that I predict that semi-finals and finals will be more fun than we expected since I smell new winners. Messi, Messi, Messi I don't know what to say or do as now its only you who can build your reputation back. I even predict what will happen when the English premier league is back. I have classmates why would kill Messi now to get a donut for lunch. Its what people feel about the whole Argentina losing to a small team as Croatia. We wish you all the best Argentina as you will pack and go home soon.
We are yet to know whats up next with more disappointments and surprises. exclusively in world cup 2018 in Rushia.

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