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This Are The People Believed To Threaten Fred Matiangi

Fred Matiangi Treatened
Fred Matiangi received a threat this week from people who are believed to be business men. The whole deal is following the good things that Fred Matangi has been the ding in the security sector this year. The truth about who are the people threatening Fred Matiangi are the people owning the big businesses of counterfeit goods brought to the country. Some of this counterfeit goods were caught by the policemen even to the various areas where it was distributed. The second suspects are the foreigners who were under pressure due to unknown reasons why they get Kenyan jobs that have qualified people to carry them out.

Fred Matiangi Responds To Death Threat 

This is a sad information is that when the people get to our most working guy in the ministry, the best thing we should do is enhance his security so he can continue doing the nice job he is curring out in security. In his term in office of education, he was able to solve many tragedies and mysteries that were hard to solve in previous years. Now Mr. Fred Matinagi is in Security Office And people Are threatening to kill him. We as Kenyans condemn that and this person should be tracked down and dealt with. This week The head of the security ministry had this to say after getting the threat.
I have already got threatened by some people over whst i have been doing in the previous days, what i want to say is that i am not affraid and i will continue ding the best in security office and dill with the wrong doers.
That`s what we call an intelligent speech from an unshakeable strong man who can deal with country security. Well done Mr. Matiangi.

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