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Girl Sets Private Parts On Fire As A Dance Move

private parts fire

I was so shocked today to get the trending tragedy of this dancehall dancer who tried to impress people by showing that her body parts are on flick by setting them on Fire. This nearly brought her to an end of her days on earth as the girl parts accidentally didn't go off in the short period of time as intended. Her whole Whole Private Part nearly caught fire on the incident. The victim who is a dancer tried the fire as a dance move to show how she could bubble on fire at a dancehall competition. Its been a tragedy that everyone is talking about on social media and now even the video is now live on youtube.

The dancehall dancer has her inner parts of the thighs suffering serious wound of burns. She was rushed to the hospital for further treatment and I dought anymore if the girl will ever think of going wild in dance moves again. I even doubt if she will ever get dancing passion again in her life. The whole part was shot live on camera and the people are now asked not to distribute the video viral since its somehow violation of the rights of the dancer.

People are giving out views about this crazy dance moves emerging in the dancehall industry and they think something should be done to retain the music dignity back. Now it's not like when we used to have decent moves that all age groups would fill comfortable dancing around. If you take a look at the Jamaican events that are dancehall music ones, you will not believe what goes on out there in the during events. We are so sorry for that girl having nursing serious wounds that are under treatment, but this message goes to everyone out there that, never do things you know nothing about because they are done. Have a nice day.

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