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List Of Top Richest People In Kenya 2018 By Net worth

Top richest people in Kenya 2018 in this post analyses the net worth of every person is known to be very rich in Kenya and their position. Kenya is the fifth richest in Africa in 2018 and the most economic growing country. Having a GDP of about 90$billion in the year 2017. you will be surprised to know who owns Kenya from the point of the list of top richest people in Kenya by 2018. Forbes and Bloomberg have given their statistics about the value of the Kenyan market and GDP by last year compared to where Kenya sits in this year 2018. They have the statistics that there is a great gap between the richest and most poor, some of the richest are as per the list given our in order from the richest onwards with the network and the value that they have in terms of money and wealth and they are listed as attached to the rich men profile. Without wasting more time lets see who are these top richest people in Kenya 2018.
Richest People In  Kenya

1. Vimal Shah ( BIDCO CEO )- Most Richest Man In Kenya

Richest Man In Kenya
He has recorded the richest man in Kenya at the moment today.Although the man in The owner of the famous BIDCO Company in Kenya, This man has been able to live simple and under low profile. If you know how much this guy gets every mounth, you will notice this guy can feed Kenyan population daily and still fly all over the world. Most supricingly Forbes statistics of this rich mans worth is KSH 290 Billion as per year 2018.His company at Thika Town center neaer MKU  makes him lots of money and its one of the companies that enriches the Kenyan government with big tax rates.

Vimal Shah, Is an Indian but was brought up in Kenya. He started up the comapny alonewhile his brothers started other companies that are doing well too. He automates his sales outside the country and thatswhat makes his products international and well knon automating money from all sources.
Did you that bidco has some other braches worldwide? This is the richest main in Kenya big secret and thats why  vimal shah owns that much.

2. Naeshad Merali (Sameer Group)- 2nd Richest Man In Kenya

2nd Richest Man In Kenya

I am supriced in how this indians are up to making much than the people originating fom Kenya. The second richest man happens to be Naeshad Merali. Naeshad Merali owns many companies in kenya that deals with constraction and information technology services and thats how he has been able to generate more than KSH 90  Billion by 2018. Naeshad company is the most entrastedcompany when its comes to constraction in Kenya. Most supricingly, the biggest constraction tenders are done by mr Naeshad companies here in Kenya. This man can pay a sixth of the Kenyans Dept.
Sameer Group is thework of the former company Warren Enterprises Ltd an affiliate of the Sameer Group is a leading provider of engineering. This year, hon Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta sighned with the second richest man in the owrld to do constaraction works before the end of this year.Lets now look at the third billioner tykun in Kenya

3.Uhuru Kenyatta ( President Kenya ) - 3rd Richest Man In Kenya

3rd Richest In Kenya

Finaly we have a kenyan ranked in the top richest, anfortunitely its our very own selected president Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta. Uhuru Was the Richest according to forbes in the year 2013 but now there have emerged business men from India who are working more. Uhuru Mwigai Kenyatta is the one and only son of the First President Of Kenya Jomo Kenyatta. It seams the son has great wisdom from his father since he has been able to make many companies in kenya like Tuzo and others that are helpng Kenyans and also generated the wealth that Uhuru Kenyatta Has. According To boomarang post in the year 2017 Uhuru Kenyatta net worth is Estimated KSH 200billlion. Well done our President, we know we are in safe hand on a person who knows how to outomate money. 

Biggest Companies Uhuru Kenyatta Owns

  1. The Heritage Hotel Group
  2. Brookside Dairy Limited
  3. Prestige Air
  4. Commercial Bank of Africa
  5. The Village Market
  6. Peponi Schools
  7. Various property and buildings
  8. Mediamax
Thats just alot among others that i will not be able to tell in this post since the 3rd richest man who is our president has alot of wealth that we have not even mentioned. In my point of view, i dont know why he is not considered the first richest man in Kenya becouse he should be.
Thats all with all our president has and great thanks to him Kenya is getting more wealthy too. Lets see who follows as the forth richest in Kenya 2018.

4. Chris Kirubi ( Capital Media Group ) - 4th Richest Man In Kenya 

4th Richest Man In Kenya

Definetly i espected to see this man here, its supricingly how chhris kirubi welth is multiplying day by day and how he has managed to come from 20th richest in 2009 to now 4th in 2018. How rich is Chris Kirubi ? The 4th richest man in kenya who is chris Kirubi owns about a net worth of 120 billion in 2018. Chris tell us the secret. Forbes estimates the graph of how chris kirubi companies have been doing well in marketing strategies that has enriched him so fast. Chris kirubi owns almost all the known media houses in Kenya. His money is legitimately made in media office. Well done chris kirubi. He is recognised as the top billioner business man in Kenya. 
Did you know that Chris Kirubi is a Kenyan businessman, entrepreneur, industrialist and philanthropist? He works as the  Director at Centum Investment Company Limited. he is the owner of the Nairobi’s iconic International House building well known in Kenya Nairobi City. What more do you espect to hear rom what the forth richest man in kenya criss kirubi ows, we have a full list of wealth that he has. Chris kirubi is currently under medication for cancer that has been troubling his health for some time. Get well soon Chris Kirubi we still need you and you ideas to make Kenya more rich and welthy. Lets take a look at who follows chris kirubi as the fivth richest in Kenya. By know you knowwho owns kenya. 

5. DR. James Mwangi ( Equity Bank ) - 5th Richest Man In Kenya

5th Richest Man In Kenya

James Mwangi is a humble guy who has made alot of money through his top known bank that is the most prominent in kenya by the name of Equity Bank. James Mwangi is known of his generosity to help students in kenya learn free through some schollarship programs that he offers.
James Mwangi according to forbes has about 40billion to 70 billion networth HE is well known now as the top most infuential business man in Kenya. His bank has been able to retain its reputation since time immemorial. Well dome james Mwangi for coming all this way from number 9 in the richest people in Kenya until number five. We dont know what you are up to next, mayb we will be featuring you in the top three in the nearest future. The Equity Bank boss James Mwangi is also one of the biggest shareholders in life insurance firm, Britam and the individual who owns the largest shares of his company. 
Equity Bank is now in cooportaion with large companies such as the safaricom network provider to integrate MPESA with equitell and that has now stepped up the worth of equity bank in kenya, we espect better results from the billioner James Mwangi. Lets take a look at the six richest man in kenya and his net worth.

6. John  Haron Mwau (Reported Drug Baron) - 6th Richest Man In Kenya

6th Richest Man In Kenya
The wealth of John Haron Mwau has always been questionable since we cannot point on the businesses that could have raised him all the money he has. He joined politics as the governor of Makueni County but in 2017 general election , Hron Mwau lost. The former president of USA pointed haron mwau as a drug baron and had reported closing down some of his illigal businesses running in USA. he was appointred as THE HEAD OF THE ANTI-CORRUPTION COMMISION in Kenya in 1992 . He has done astonishing things like taking all the councelous of  makueni county on a trip to israel at his expense ending up using around 80 million shillings without minding. 
Haron Mwau has about KSH 80 Billion invested in USA and his businesses are still at question . There are other companies that haron mwau owns and they are as listed bellow.
haron mwau

Big Companies John Haron Mwao Owns

  1. Harun International Limited
  2. Vitu Limited
  3. Mwundo Limited
  4. Pepe Enterprices
  5. Sheltown Limited
Those among athors are the wealth that haron mwao owns in Kenya . He is so far the 6th richest man in Kenyabut he is not caracterised by forbes due to the above reasons. Without wasting more time lets take a look at the seventh richest man in Kenya.

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