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How Tinder Will Unite Slay Queens And Boychild In Kenya

Tinder In Kenya
This is so obvious that now tinder application is getting embraced in Kenya and I can see a couple of new people in tinder and crazy photos and women of all calibers from slaying queens to hot niggas in Kenya. I turned my tinder app in Nairobi and the people I got to match were exactly out of this Kenya. Tinder society is growing. It will be a platform that will bring about a major chill to Whatsapp and Facebook. I just find fun moving from one photo to another in tinder to see the types of girls that surround me. The most interesting thing is that the app events you where your match is and the distance being the slay queen and the boy-child.
I am trying to take a look at the future of other platforms and I definitely see social platforms such as facebook coming to an end. To be honest, I have already got a match in tinder and we talked and tomorrow morning am heading to Nairobi to meet her. This is so easy for me. Thank you Facebook company for creating thing this platform to take cute slay queen out there the way I want the time I want and from the distance I want.
I have a friend who has always been so sad about always getting girls from Mombasa and the far Nairobi where he cannot cope to go for some time. Its until I introduced him to tinder and now I think he is busy finding a match since early last week.
The point I am driving at when I come to tinder usage in Kenya is that I think it will be a sex platform rather than a sharing platform. I wonder what was its aim. I love and like it though.

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