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XXXTentation Still Alive Live Instagram Video Conspiracy

XXXTentation Still Alive Live Instagram Video Conspiracy
XXXTentation tells people to chill becouse he had facked death and the body in the bmw was a lcone, but thats not just it. Its seen that its true becouse the body doest have any blood or in or the tatoo on his forehead. Let me tell you that all this xxxtentacion videos are fake. XXXTentacion is truely dead. Its so sad thet people dont want to marry the bear truth that XXXTentation is Dead. The re aere even people out there taking that chance to manipulate xxxtentacion videos saying that he is alive and all that. What i want to tell you is that XXXTentation is realy dead. There is a well made video of him going live on instagram telling people to chill out since she is not dead. The truth of XXXTentation death is that he is dead.
Watch This Video.

XXXtentation Still Alive Conspiracy

 The footage is made so good that it had already convicedme that this music rapper is not at all dead. People are going extramile to make good money from the rappers false news statements. The rapper had also left her girlfriend pregnant and also was about to complete building a big mansion in miami Florida. XXXTentacion is truly dead.

Proof That XXXTentacion Is Dead.

The proove that XXXTentacion is dead is from his mother and girlfriend after they go to see him a day after his death and her girlfriend expresses how she feels about carring XXXtentacions baby to knowing where she will tell her child about where here daddy is. Every music of XXXTentacion is going viral especialy the latest sad song that somehow shows evrything. The supricing thing is that he had already depicted his death and he asked his instagram followers, if he coull dbe shot dead that he would like to leave back a legacy to the people and empower the youth that they can do alot in their lives.
All in all XXXtentacion is dead, RIP

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