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Zari Attacks Diamond Plutinumz Wasafi TV To Be Clowns TV

Zari The Boss lady is out with suggestions for wasafi tv. We don't know if she has turned to a motivational person since we have now experienced her helping diamond to know what is not in Wasafi Television channel. I don't know since when Zari started caring about the X Diamond Platnumz. Zari went ahead in social media to attack Diamonds Television channel Wasafi Tv saying the channel is not giving out any value and it will never expect to make anything out of it.
Zari Attacks Wasafi

Change The Wasafi TV Content Of getting Clones to Watch.

Zari went on to mention what the television channel is doing to the contrary. Some of the things she mentioned are that real Television stations bring about real events and news, sports and the exact events happening in the country. This meant the opposite of what Wasafi Tv provides to people in Tanzania.
Wasafi Tv is said to bring Fake News and airing things that are irrelevant and not considerable to be watched by everyone in Tanzania. We don't really know the main reason why Zari brought this to the broad Daylight but its the truth. I back the boss lady from Tanzania that the Wasafi Tv channel is a channel airing anything and no sponsors would like to invest in ads in the Tv because the whole Tv Station is scum News Provider.

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