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How is XXXTentaction Still Making Music

The whole life, story and the lifeline of the late XXtenaction is a mystery that cannot be solved by people unless you listen to this. Is XXXtentaction still making music? The answer is YES. I know all or even the whole world is still amused by the statement since they have the thoughts that XXXtetaction is still alive playing under the cover. This is what is happening as explained below.

XXXTentaction Youtube channel is uploaded music recently that he has made, he has even collabos that seem to be recent. The big question is, is he the one uploading the Videos. The answer Is NO. The late rapper XXXTentaction had a number of records that he had made before his death this year. He had signed with a label and did 65 music stands and that is what is keeping his youtube channel running. People are getting worried about the number of records that have been dropping in his youtube channel and that brings us to a Question of, who is trying to make money with the latest youtube channel?.
Can it be his killer, if not they should speak out loud and mention why the music is dropped in the channel knowing very well that he is dead and that raises suspicion in his fans? The family and producers should not at all make fun and money from his death.

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