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King Monada Malwethe Kukufa Chalange Trending In Kenya

King Monada Malwethe Kukufa Chalange Treding In Kenya
The song that involves people dying when the song sung by king Monada hits the chorus is trending all over Kenya. You are going to expect to hear people in clubs behaving in dying manner as a dancing trending technique. If you take a look at some of the malwethe video challenges all over social media, it is clear that this habit is going to hot the peak of the nation in the coming days.
Am sure most of you viewers have come across the video where people are falling all over when the malwethe part of the song sings out loud.
I wonder what it will be like in clubs and general fun meetings if this habit hits the nation in the next one or two months. The most surprising thing is that the song on youtube is already one week gone in the trending list and it is still in number 4 in trending list. In case you have not come around the video, check out the below-attached youtube video for yourself.

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